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We need bright young minds to make us a world leader. We need researchers, engineers,...

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What’s it all about?

There’s a lot more to the wood industry than simply growing trees...

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The forest and wood industry employs engineers with skills in: mechanical, civil, chemical, materials, environmental and forest engineering. They are closely involved in the development, planning and ongoing management of forests plus the introduction of new wood fibre products and technologies.

Innovation and on-going development are crucial to the health of any industry and much of this comes from the research carried out by the engineers, scientists, statisticians and modellers. Some of this happens within the industry and some of it in dedicated research centres such as the Universities and SCION.


Science & Research

Scientists study the production and potential uses of wood fibre. They work with growers, manufacturers and customers to solve problems, improve existing systems and develop innovative products. Some scientists manage entire forestry operations.

Research is essential to improve the quantity and quality of wood produced. Scientists also develop new uses for wood fibre such as bio-fuels and strong composite materials for manufacturing. Their work is critical to the environmental protection and biosecurity measures protecting this multi-billion dollar industry.



If you’re looking for a great grounding in an industry that can take you places, then this is the place to begin. You can start at polytech or university to gain higher qualifications or get a job straight from school and get paid while you train.

From planting to forest management and harvesting there is a job for most people who enjoy the outdoors. 98% of New Zealand’s wood comes from sustainably managed forests making this the ideal industry for the future.